Avalanche+® care

The rose that truly opens

Avalanche+® is a great rose to brighten up your surroundings, with its high, strong stems, longevity and an impressive big flower head that always fully opens. With these tips you can enjoy these majestic roses to the fullest. 


  • Leave the thorns on, but remove any leaves below the water level in the vase, being careful not to scrape or cut through the green bark of the stems. Air may enter damaged stems, blocking water uptake.
  • Cut the stems at an angle. This maximizes the amount of water that can be absorbed by the stem.
  • Arrange Avalanche+® roses in a clean vase with plenty of cold water, mixed with floral preservative.
  • Do not place roses near a drafty spot, a heat source or close to fruit.
  • Add extra water in the first three days: Avalanche+® roses absorb a lot of fluid in that period.
  • For optimum vase life take the roses out of the vase after a week, clean the vase, refill it with clean water and floral preservative, cut the stems again and rearrange them in the vase.