Avalanche+® has certainly earned its nickname, being in a class of its own since day one. This modern classic has a large flower and fabulous presence and offers top quality all year round. It is no surprise that Avalanche+® regular features at major occasions such as royal weddings and other top events.

Avalanche+® roses are famous for their luxurious personality which fits both romantic bridal work and modern boho arrangements. Mono or mixed, they always stand out thanks to the large bud that always fully opens. It is extraordinary how these roses bring glamour to every day, every bouquet and every arrangement in their own exceptional and reliable way.

One of the many outstanding aspects of Avalanche+® is the consistent quality, which is guaranteed by a select team of top growers. It is one of the many reasons Avalanche+® has won so many awards. Anyone looking for class, style and quality opts for the unique beauty of Avalanche+® roses, always.